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  The Energy Performance Measurement Institute (EPMI) is primarily an information source on measurement of energy performance, but can also develop complete energy performance measurement systems.  Energy performance measurement on absolute scales became known after 1999, and thus many of the methods are new and further development is needed.  Expansion of methods is important for understanding energy reduction potentials on many levels, local to world-wide.
  Excessive focus on “sustainability” and topics like “zero-energy” have clouded thinking and action on serious energy issues.  EPMI seeks to keep the focus on energy efficiency and understanding and application of sectoral results. The primary focus will be on building energy performance, including at the sectoral level of national economies.  The industrial and transportation sectors will be a secondary focus.  Water issues are not covered directly.
   Data products will be under development over time and are expected to range from individual building types up to country-level sectoral performance.  Industrial models with subsector factors are also expected for the United States.  Suggestions on coverage and performance models of potential interest are welcome.

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