Energy Benchmarking Papers from 1996 and 1998 ACEEE Summer Studies

Two papers that represent some of the first reported results on energy
benchmarking of commercial buildings were presented by Terry Sharp at the
1996 and the 1998 ACEEE Summer Studies. These papers can be obtained from
the ACEEE Proceedings or downloaded here. Those interested may also wish to
consult the following:

MacDonald, J. M. 2004. "Commercial Sector and Energy Use," Encyclopedia of Energy.
Elsevier. ISBN 0-12-176480-X.

Correct citations are:

Sharp, T. R. 1996. "Energy Benchmarking in Commercial Office Buildings,"
Proceedings of the 1996 ACEEE Summer Study, pp 4.321-4.329, Washington, DC: ACEEE.

Sharp, T. R. 1998. "Benchmarking Energy Use in Schools,"
Proceedings of the 1998 ACEEE Summer Study, pp 3.305-3.316, Washington, DC: ACEEE.

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