European Energy Data through 2014

Finding data on actual European Union energy use tends to be difficult in published energy reports.
Official data are available from Eurostat though, and the most recent data update was published in January 2016.
The data are interesting in that the worldwide slowdown in trade after the worldwide market tremors from
2008 -- 2010, and the worldwide slowing of growth in total gross domestic product after 2008 seem to be
reflected in reductions in EU-28 energy use after 2010.

The figure below shows the Eurostat data for the EU-28 in the energy quantities of "Gross" (gross inland) and
Total Final (total final energy consumption). Also shown is the value of gross inland less total renewables energy,
as tabulated by Eurostat.

What is worthy of note is that the energy target for 2020 of 1483 Mtoe for the EU-27, as shown on
the European Panorama 2013 page, has already essentially been surpassed if renewables energy is
subtracted from "Gross" energy in the year 2014 for the EU-28.

The effects of economic slowdowns on energy use can be interesting.

The Eurostat data can be located at: