Panorama Europe 2021

As major reductions in worldwide energy use due to the SARS-2 coronavirus responses show essentially no
effect on measured Mauna Loa carbon dioxide seasonal variations during 2020-21, most of the world, Europe
included, continues to worship at the altar of carbon dioxide disaster mitigation rituals.

As the graph below shows, US Dept of Energy projections of energy consumption for OECD Europe through 2050
remain boringly flat, while China continues to increase energy use dramatically and India begins to overtake
every other region except China. OECD Europe and North America become less and less a factor in energy use.
Energy use is in exaJoule/year.

The continued European fixation on the fantasy that Europe somehow has a role to play in saving the world from
carbon-induced extinction is indicative of the overall phantasmagoric dystopian political ploys being used to
attempt to crush Western Europe back into a feudal hegemony run by globalist elites. The serfs are beginning to
rise up, so the next act of this drama should be interesting to watch unfold.