US Panorama 2020

The wave of change beginning in 2017 has continued to grow throughout the
United States and, to some extent, the entire world. US politics have become inverted from
the Democrats being the party of the common man to becoming the party of the elites.
Many old-school Republicans have continued in their elite ways and allied in surprising
ways with Democrats against the common citizen and also against common sense. The
Republicans are being remade to become more Lincolnesque, as in "all men are created equal."

The political inversion has led to increased animosity and fostering of conflicts, with
the elites, who have worked for decades to gain control, now freaking out over the continuing
nightmare of power slipping out of their hands. The continual conflict and "crises du jour"
have led us to the point of delusional public discourse that has driven more and more
Americans to simply ignore the continual pompous propagandizing. The American elite could
be called a power-hungry complex bent on forcing their preferred agendas and ideologies
down everyone's throat in truly Orwellian fashion. Climate change alarmism is part and parcel
of the conflict generation and a major propagandized ideological issue.

Climate change alarmism dates back to 1895, so Americans (and the world) have been
subjected to alarmist "worries" about climate for 125 years now. Unfortunately, the continual
conflict over climate issues has led to completely delusional policy proposals for energy and
other areas (eliminating cow flatulence indicative of the insanity). Also to be lamented, most
citizens are sadly ignorant of history, as history shows clearly that current climate emergency
posturing is nonsense.

Climate alarmist extremism is based primarily on fables about the evils of carbon dioxide,
and since most carbon dioxide emissions come from energy use, then that use is also
derivatively evil. The alarmist mantras proclaim that the world will overheat from carbon
dioxide, and we are doomed. Carbon dioxide is not a major driver of world temperature, and
there is an ocean of science to back that up, but academia and government researchers are
now part of the elite, and too many careers and incomes now depend on propagandizing climate
disasters on the horizon (or even all around us). Despite the continual alarmist propaganda,
the United States is now formally withdrawing from the Paris climate accord (a farce regardless).
Control over science agendas has begun to be wrested from the elites via expert advisory boards
able to contradict and override bureaucratic elite propaganda masquerading as needed policy.

Total US energy use crept up in 2018 to be 1% higher than in 2005, but has been slowly
decreasing during 2019 to only 0.5% higher by September 2019. Energy use increased for
all end-use sectors except the residential sector, which is still seeing a decrease in energy use.

Use of renewable energy is 183% of 2005 use, now accounting for 11% of total energy use.
Gross domestic product is up 25% from 2005 to 2018 (constant $), while population
increased 11%.

Energy policy is affected by the current condition of being a net energy exporter, and with
expected continuation of inane climate disaster fables, a lot of political energy will need
to be directed at fighting to debunk the fables and the Orwellian dystopic propagandizing
of the elites, while keeping the economic recovery going.