US Panorama 2023

It is time to talk of many things, of money, energy, and politicians who act as kings.

The rule of law has been corrupted much throughout history, but seldom as horrifically as has
occurred over the last three years. Canada is almost fully transformed to a communistic autocracy.
Great Britain is committing national suicide. France is nearly a dictatorship. Italy has chosen
to slow its national suicide, but is greatly weakened. Germany's self-destruction is well advanced,
and may be accelerating. The United States is also on a road to self-destruction, and a clear majority
of Americans who are likley voters do not think President Biden is actually running the country. The
leaders of most of the G-7 nations now have de facto dictatorial powers, or near-kingships. The rule
of law in Western nations has been warped to revolution-inspiring levels of disparity.

In the United States, not only does a majority of likely voters wonder who is running the country, they
also believe the national election in 2020 was affected by cheating. From a top-down data-driven view,
polling experts are fairly certain that 125-130 million legal votes were cast in the election, while the
results are that 159 million votes were counted for President, a stunning discrepancy. Several states
claimed to have had 90% voter turnout, which is a laughable feat of clear, total corruption. In one state
there were several reporting voting districts that had over 100% voter turnout, and one had >500%
turnout, which makes the potential humor dark indeed. Out of 3,000+ counties in the United States,
almost all were won by then-president Trump, while Joe Biden won a tiny handful. The entities pulling
the strings have advanced political manipulation in Western nations to Stalinesque levels.

The president of the European Commission, in a May 15, 2023, speech at "The Beyond Growth Conference"
is reported to have implied that economic de-growth enforced by authoritarian governments is fundamental
to the effort to save the world from climate change. Ursula von der Leyen is also reported to have stated that
"[an economic] growth model centered on fossil fuels is simply obsolete."

This authoritarian takeover of the Western world appears to be missing China, Russia, India, Brazil and others
in this planned de-growth, but since the BRICS nations total GDP surpassed the total GDP of all G-7 nations
in 2023 for the first time ever, de-growth and destruction of the Western economies may be fairly well along.

US economic data have been massaged and twisted for decades now, and the US economy may be in trouble
as the national debt continues to eclipse annual national GDP.

Total US source energy use has been relatively constant since the year 2000, with some dips for recessions.
Energy matters little though, as decarbonization obsessions deconstruct rational thought.

Apparent planned authoritarian destruction of G-7 nations (economy, agriculture, health care) under the
guise of saving the world from climate disaster appears as insane as the corrupt "science" promulgated
by the United Nations Environment Programme as part of the IPCC Assessment Report 6, as the ARx
grows in page length substantially each time, while mostly ignoring any science that contradicts the
authoritarian justification for planned destruction. World average temperature, based on 10's of
thousands of data points, has averaged below 14C for the period 2015-2023 (,
so real-world data indicate the world likely is not growing warmer, but growing cooler.

Pursuit of energy efficiency has become almost invisible inside the Orwellian decarbonization destruction
plan. Revolution is in the air, but what monstrosities will emerge over time are uncomfortable to envision.
The United States is now only another pawn, as the country is being governed by unknown entities who
appear to have some level of destruction of the country at the forefront, with minimal or no legal restraint.